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November 27th, 2023

Exciting Announcement!

Findaway Equestrian is excited to welcome Kate McArthur to our coaching staff and show team! 

Kate has been coaching and training professionally for many years. She started out working with her mom at Touch N Go farms and then went off on her own 6 years ago running a very successful Trillium and Gold circuit level show barn called Carleton Hill Stables out of Burlington, Ontario.

The Findaway coaches can not wait to join forces with Kate and are looking forward to her invaluable expertise and talent that she will bring to the team! 

September 15th 2023

​Attention to all Findaway clientele:

We hope that you have had a successful 2023 show season and have been enjoying your season as well as having Findaway as a home base!

It has been a fun journey watching everyone excel in places they wish to excel in! Whether it be in a competitive environment or at home in lessons.

We are looking ahead to the 2024 year and many years to come. Our goal for all of our clients, horses, staff and coaches is to have a more cohesive and inclusive 2024 show season. This all starts with being able to create clear and consistent guidelines that suits the Findaway Equestrian Services mission.

The mission that Findaway set out to achieve in 2011 was to create a grass roots program for young riders, a strong training program for young horses and a safe environment for riders young and old to enjoy.

When Covid happened we were forced to take a turn in our mission to follow what the covid guidelines allowed and to show where the competitions were still running. This took the focus off of our grass roots and towards a competitive show environment. While we enjoyed these few years of being a part of the Gold circuit and being a competitive barn at this level it is not what we are set up for.

We will be taking this fall to reset our program and get back to what we set out to do 12 years ago. This will mean that our facility will be running more horse shows at the bronze and silver level. These shows will cover Hunter, Jumper and Dressage!

We will be competing with a show team on the Central West Trillium Circuit with the ultimate goal to be attending Championships in Ottawa and competing for our Zone!

We will do select destination shows in Ohio, Bromont and another United States location.

The goal of the 2024 season is that the entire Findaway Crew as a team does as much together as possible. Lesson clients, show clients, parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. We will be focused on the same goal of creating a great environment, safe place and fun farm for all.

We can't wait to grow with new people, go back to our original mission and create the Findaway Family feeling again!

Thank you

Cindy, Mac, Evin, Carra, Derek, Charles and Georgia

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